About Us

DateGeeky offers an extensive database of fun, geeky people looking for dates or long term relationships. Dating has never been this easy for those of us that haven’t had the most success in traditional “hook-up” type places since we’re generally looking for the more unique personality. DateGeeky makes these people accessible to you and gives you all the right tools to make your online dating experience a success.

DateGeeky provides a better way to find that geeky someone than going out amongst the myriad of people at bars and clubs that normally don’t match our unique personalities. We offer you an adventurous and successful way to find what you want in a date or partner for life.

On a more personal note about the people behind Dategeeky.com, we are a couple who initially met online because although we didn’t do too bad of a job in a traditional “hook-up” venue, we just weren’t meeting the type of people that not only stimulated us physically but also intellectually and matched our geeky sense of humors. Online we were able to really be ourselves and get to know each other on a level that just didn't seem possible in other venues.

It was such a connection that we felt there must be other people out there that could benefit from the same thing at a site that was dedicated to the uniqueness of the Geek. We came up with this and hope to hear of many more stories of love and friendship like ours. We thank you for allowing us to help you find that special someone that we know is out there for every type of geek there is. With much love and peace, may the geek be with you! – Joe and Felicity